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Want to make change in the world?

Identify your values - embed them in your life - make change

I work with clients who want to make positive change in the world, and also make a good living! 

If you feel that you're not making the change you want, but have an idea for a business or charity that would fulfil your values, let's work together.

I see the clash between wanting to develop a business or do work that you love, and being a changemaker, as being a 'fish in a tree'. 




I help clients develop a way of life and work that plays to their strengths and values, and makes them happy!

I offer sessions via Zoom, and also walking and outdoor coaching in Twickenham and Richmond. 


Join the fish in a tree community - do these few simple exercises to find where your life needs focus, and get in touch if you'd like a chat!



I'll work with you to identify the values that drive you, and look at your strengths to help formulate your vision. You will be able to picture a fulfilling life.


We will work from start to finish with a goal in mind. Things might change along the way, but we'll always focus on your plan to make sure you achieve your goal.


Working together, we'll explore any perceived obstacles and re-write any stories you might have been telling yourself which could hold you back.