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StartUp Sherpa is a six-month business development programme, broken into seven expeditions, with four 25 minute missions per week, sent by e-mail.

The objective is to set up a functioning business, with an income, in those six months.

The programme has been developed by Hugo Pickford-Wardle and Dan Roe. They’re successful entrepreneurs, who have also experienced their share of failures and want to give a guiding hand to others, alongside a social enterprise to support young innovators.

The programme supports a social enterprise - 16x16 - which takes teenage innovators through the programme, particularly focusing on business ideas for sustainable fashion and healthy eating. The concept is that 12 to 16 year olds can earn £16,000 by the time they are 16. See Joss's story in this video., and Rosie and Rokeebat below.

The StartUp Sherpa programme breaks down some of the ‘less fun’ bits of business into more imaginative activities and enables you to think carefully about every step.

The expeditions are:

Getting cosy with your idea

Getting cosy with your customer

See if any of your customers care

See if it’s worth your while

Make a brand

Make your minimum product

Sell it!


During the process, every two weeks, clients are asked to quit. This is an opportunity to reflect on how committed you are to this idea, to refine and revise, start over - or if you decide it isn’t working, to quit. Not quit completely, but quit that idea to test how much you love it!

My philosophy is that everyone can create change. I work with clients who feel like a fish in a tree about creating a successful business with income AND making social impact. So we draw out their individuality, sense of purpose and unique strengths to make that happen.

Throughout the six-month programme, I offer a weekly 90-minute group session with others going through the programme, to share successes and challenges and support each other, as well as a monthly 90-minute 1:1 session for clients to specifically focus on their progress.

 I want clients to move forward with a clear vision for the life they want to lead, and create a business that can make that happen. We work through sticking points, and examine what the blocks are, and I challenge and encourage them to overcome barriers and progress towards their vision.

I've always wanted my coaching to make a social impact, and by coaching as a StartUp Sherpa, I and my clients can make a difference to young people’s lives by supporting the 16x16 programme.


Four e-mail tasks per week for six months - 25 minutes per day.


One 90 minute group coaching session per week.


One 90 minute individual coaching session per month.


Support of the founders and a community of fellow entrepreneurs.

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