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Kind words from clients

"I've found the sessions enlightening, and they've made me face up to long standing questions and soul searching I've needed to do but have pushed to the back of my mind. We've also addressed some anxiety inducing bad habits that needed addressing. I think everyone can benefit from taking time out of their day to really focus on their goals and assess where they are in life. Cathy really put me at ease, she has a friendly but professional manner and her questioning is very skilful."

Katie M

"Working with Cathy as a coach helped me to find and dissolve what was holding me back from achieving my goal. Her calm and sensitive coaching style helped me to open up deeper layers of myself which urgently needed attention and to look at myself with compassion. I'm so grateful for what we achieved together and where it brought me now."

Nathalie M

"My goal working with Cathy was to maintain a good work life balance, not to feel guilty when I'm taking time out for me, and  to maintain a calmer persona under pressure. I'd had reservations that it wouldn't have any positive change, and I'd be throwing away money I didn't really have spare for coaching at the time. But it's turned out to be the opposite and is worth every penny of investment in myself. I would say to anyone considering working with Cathy, do it! Investment in ourselves is the greatest investment we will make."

Kerry R

"I have been working with Cathy for a number of months now and it has helped me enormously. I have found greater clarity in my thinking and established some goals and changes to the way I work. As a result, I am feeling more relaxed but I have also achieved more in my work. Cathy has helped me to recognise and deal with my self-sabotaging negativity and to stop taking on more than I can cope with (most of the time). Cathy is very soothing and thoughtful, and gives me a lot of space to explore the issues I want to."

Stephanie N

Without the sessions, I'd probably never have fully realised my strengths and doubted my future decisions. Cathy's style of coaching is positive, calm and and logical - she guided me to identify and unravel some invisible roadblocks that were preventing my personal development and business ambitions. I 100% recommend Cathy to anyone wishing to improve their general levels of effectiveness in life!

Olivia B

"Your coaching has made me realise my strengths and the value of my current expererience going forward. Without it I would still be stressed and focusing on the wrong aspects of my life."

April F

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